QAEngine v2.0 – Question and Answer WordPress Theme

QAEngine v2.0 - Question and Answer WordPress Theme

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January 26, 2016 – Version 2.0

[New feature] Pump to put questions on top of page
[New feature] Poll to create a small survey for your question
[Bug fix] Proper format for plain text in answer box
[Bug fix] Question tags no longer overlap each other
[Bug fix] Pagination works properly in homepage
[Bug fix] Video thumbnail added
[Bug fix] Limit for question title length 

December 08, 2015 – Version 1.6

SEO support with Schema Markup and Yoast SEO Plugin
[Mobile] More features, better display, improved search flow
Contact Form 7 Plugin compatibility
Email notification of new account activating, new badge, and reported question
Results in accordance with chosen sort
Answer editing function works well on Firefox

November 06, 2015 – Version 1.5.6

Major updates on mobile version:
User on mobile can log in by social network accounts
Get redirected to question detail page after submitting question successfully
Quick and easy new user registration
User can submit the question when ticking on the reCaptcha
Translation feature works seamlessly

Further features improved, enhancing smooth user flow:
Sub menus are now available in front-end
Author gets point reward when his/her pending question is approved
Ranking table based on high points automatically updates the ranking order
The “Edit profile” lightbox can be closed using the close button
When typing comment for a post, press “Enter” to start a new line

User interface typically updated, demonstrating a professional display:
Title and tagline no longer in duplicate
Search box in blog section better repositioned
Irrelevant code and dividing line on left sidebar removed

September 28, 2015 – Version 1.5.5

Compatible with WordPress 4.3
Bring back Ban function and Manual Set Point
Add Alt Text and Description for Image
Bug fixes

July 20, 2015 – Version 1.5.4

Change password in mobile version
Add ALT text and description for uploaded images
Assign H1, H2 tag for Question title and Blog post title

July 10, 2015 – Version

Fix bugs

May 20, 2015 – Version 1.5.3

New option: "Login to view Answer" 
Fix bugs

April 27, 2015 – Version 1.5.2

Fix bugs

March 23, 2015 – Version 1.5.1

Security update
Add "Pending" tab
Add lightbox to image in blog section
Exclude admin from the users list displayed in the widget
Fix bugs

February 09, 2015 – Version 1.5

Google ReCaptcha implementation
Add lightbox to image
Display social media buttons
Exclude admin from the users list
Fix bugs

December 12, 2014 – Version 1.4

Check usernames’ availability
Ban a user
Prevent users from voting their own posts
Private message
Featured image for blog post
Enhance mobile version

December 01, 2014 – Version 1.3.2

Fix bugs

November 05, 2014 – Version 1.3.1

Fix security bugs

November 05, 2014 – Version 1.3

Implementing Filter bad words feature
Enhance widget and sidebar system
Bug fixes

October 06, 2014 – Version 1.2.1

Fix "Email confirmation" function
Fix "Edit an answer" function
Fix "Search" function
Fix "approval" function

September 18, 2014 – Version 1.2

Implementing "Pending answers" function
Set up points for users
Disable the "live notifications" 
Enhance email system
Implementing "Top users widget" 
Add "New following questions" tab in author page
Add plugin Autolink to TinyMCE
Fix “Insert code” icon issue
Fix “Changelog title” issue
Fix “Edit” issue: author now can edit their questions/ answers
Fix “Translation” issue
Fix “Update” issue: the system will update user’s point after they delete a question/answer
Fix “Youtube link” issue
Fix modal insert link error on Firefox/Chrome browser
Fix “Hot question” widget orderby issue
Change underscore tag
Fix some mobile issue

August 22, 2014 – Version 1.1.5

Fix "Login in intro page" issue
Fix "Disable register in back - end" issue

August 18, 2014 – Version 1.1.4

Social login implemented
Report a question or an answer
Add "Insert code" button
Display usernames in comment section
Changing slugs from the back - end
Adding “rel=no follow and “target=_blank” to external links of your site posts or pages
Fix insert link issue
Prevent normal users to visit admin panel
Fix user's avatar issue

July 12, 2014 – Version 1.1.3

Add new feature: follow a question
Add email notification when there’s new answer
Email notification for pending questions
Add intro page’s background option
Add text domain to some texts

July 03, 2014 – Version 1.1.2

Add blog’s sidebars
Fix intro page’s logo issue in mobile version
Fix search’s issue
Fix category Substr issue
Fix blog’s style

Jun 27, 2014 – Version 1.1.1

Add “Email confirmation” section
Directly activating a member manually
Hide email address in profile section
Fix Cyrillic language when searching
Fix Google Analytics print error
Fix Save language issue on Firefox browser
Fix IE issue

Jun 26, 2014 – Version 1.1

Live notification system
Front-end WordPress customizer
New function: pending questions
Ajax live search
Add logo in the intro page
Fix author slug error
Fix order by unanswered questions
Fix copyrights on sidebar

Jun 17, 2014 – Version 1.0.2

Fix small bugs

Jun 10, 2014 – Version 1.0

Initial release

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