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Update - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive


PetSitter is the perfect choice for anyone creating a website to list job vacancies related to pets or pet oriented sites.

But don’t feel restricted! It can be customized easily to suit your needs.
PetSitter includes one of the greatest options panel – Redux Theme Options. You can easily change any theme color. PetSitter comes with a lot of shortcodes so you can create any type of content you needed.

Even if you are creating a blog about cats, dogs or other pets, then this theme is a good option. PetSitter comes with a nice selection of post formats for displaying different types of content on your blog, including galleries, images, videos, quotes, and links.

Shortcodes - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
WP Job Manager - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Redux Framework - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Google Web Fonts - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Unlimited Colors - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Translation Ready - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Reviewer plugin - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Bootstrap - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
FontAwesome Icons - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
PSD files included - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
Free Support - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive
One Click Demo Installer - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive

For Pet Owners

Pet owners can post their job offer using front end submission form. Those who are looking for pet sitting jobs can then contact pet owners via email or contact form.

  • Add, manage and categorise job listings using the familiar WordPress UI.
  • Searchable & filterable ajax powered job listings added through shortcodes.
  • Frontend forms for employers to submit & manage job listings.
  • Allow job listers to preview their listing before it goes live. The preview matches the appearance of a live job listing.

Based on WP Job Manager plugin (free).

For Pet Sitters

Pet sitters can post their profiles, including a photo, skill set, location and other useful information, which can then be viewed by those looking for a pet sitters, cat sitters, dog walkers etc. Those seeking to employ someone can then contact the pet sitter directly through the email or contact form.

  • Allow pet sitters (candidates) to post resumes and apply to jobs with the resumes
  • List pet sitters, restricting access to certain user roles if you wish
  • Restrict which user roles can view pet sitter contact details

Based on Resume Manager (sold separately).


  • 100% Responsive
  • Built on Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • WordPress 4.4 ready
  • Integrates with WP Job Manager plugin (by Mike Jolley)
  • Integrates with Resume Manager (sold separately)
  • 40+ shortcodes (with shortcodes generator)
  • Post Formats support
  • Theme Options Panel (Redux Framework Based)
  • Unlimited Colors (8 presets)
  • Boxed & Full Width layouts
  • Job search form in the Slider section
  • WooCommerce support
  • 7 Footer Widget Layouts
  • Reviewer plugin included ($24)
  • Theme Customizer support (a real-time appearance editor)
  • Custom Widgets (Flickr Feed, Latest Post, Tabbed widget, Social Links)
  • Translation Ready (.mo/.po files included)
  • Google Maps integration
  • Working Contact Form (Contact Form 7 Plugin)
  • Google Web Fonts
  • 600+ Google Fonts Usable
  • 585 Font Awesome Icons Included
  • 250+ Entypo Icons Included
  • Demo Content included (xml)
  • LESS/CSS (for easy styling)
  • PSD files included ($10)
  • Free Support and Updates

Compatibility with WP Job Manager add-ons

NOTE: For pet sitter submission and pet sitters listings you should use Resume Manager paid plugin.

NOTE: Reviewer plugin needs WordPress >= 4.0 and PHP >= 5.3 to work.

Sources and Credits

Our customers

Our Testimonials - PetSitter WordPress Theme Responsive


Version 1.7.0 – February 29, 2016

* [new] Add custom field for Header info 
* [new] Add 'Email' option for [team member] shortcode 
* [new] Progress bar label positions (inside & outside)
* [tweak] Add option to edit jobs/resumes search fields placeholders via Theme Options 
* [tweak] Styling for Clean Login widget
* [tweak] Check for empty fields on Contacts page
* [tweak] Word break rule for job description 
* [tweak] Update WooCommerce files in the theme due to latest version compatibility 
* [tweak] Register message styling (jobs/resumes)
* [update] Bootstrap 3.3.6 
* [update] Font Awesome 4.5.0
* [update] Reviewer Plugin update to 3.10.0 (check docs)
* [update] Translation files 
* [fix] WPJM Geolocation and RM Geolocation Google auto-complete issue

Version 1.6.4 – February 6, 2016

* [tweak] Improved 'WPJM Geolocation' and 'Resume Manager Geolocation' compatibility
* [tweak] Changed 'btn-success' to 'btn-primary' for [pricing_tables]
* [tweak] Categories option added to to [resumes_carousel] and [jobs_carousel]
* [tweak] Add-ons and plugins compatibility
* [tweak] Featured first option added [jobs] and [resumes] shortcodes (orderby="featured")
* [tweak] Improve WooCommerce styling
* [fix] Random order for jobs/resumes shortcode
* [fix] Removed check for empty field for Phone and Email Title (Header)

Version 1.6.3 – November 19, 2015

* [new] Skype Username added to Contacts Block (Theme Options > Contacts)
* [tweak] Compatibility with 'List Custom Taxonomy Widget' plugin 
* [update] Translation files update 
* [fix] Translation strings `esc_attr() esc_attr_e()`

Version 1.6.2 – November 12, 2015

* [fix] Issue for Demo Importer extension

Version 1.6.1 – November 10, 2015

* [fix] Added missed DF Shortcodes for Petsitter plugin

Version 1.6.0 – November 9, 2015

* [new] Carousel for [jobs_feed], [resume_feeds]
* [new] Home Page Layout v6
* [new] One Click Sample Data installation
* [new] Added Typography and Color options for Header Info text
* [tweak] Additional parameter for [button] shortcode
* [tweak] Show full description for Team Member
* [tweak] Check for recommended/installed plugins via TGMPA
* [tweak] Changed layout mode for isotope plugin to 'fitRows'
* [tweak] Improved CSS for Google Mobile Test
* [tweak] Application Deadline add-on color and icons tweaks
* [tweak] Option to change Portfolio slug via admin
* [tweak] Changelog changed to Theme Information
* [update] Sample Data Update 
* [update] Language files updated
* [fix] Color issue for Prev/Next Navigation in 'Related Portfolio'
* [fix] Form controls focus color issue
* [fix] Left small negative margin for menu item bottom border
* [fix] Image centering
* [fix] Thumbnails overlay color issue
* [fix] Breadcrumbs current item color issue
* [fix] Button Primary active color
* [fix] Portfolio Fullwidth layout

Version 1.5.5 – September 2, 2015

* [new] Add fields to social profiles (facebook, google+, linkedin) for a Job 
* [tweak] Image centering on mobile devices 
* [tweak] Use template for `[job_summary]` based shortcodes
* [tweak] Show category icon for `[job_summary]` based shortcodes only if job assigned to type
* [tweak] Show category icon for `[resume_summary]` based shortcodes only if resume assigned to category 
* [tweak] Check for empty tagline 
* [tweak] Show Header Info on mobile devices 
* [update] Translation files update 
* [fix] HTTPS fonts stylesheet dependencies
* [fix] Shortcodes plugin slug + activation issue 
* [fix] 'Apply with Resume' styling for Resume Manager add-on
* [fix] Check if 'Resume Manager' installed for `[resume_feed]` shortcodes 
* [fix] Centering image with `.aligncenter` class

Version 1.5.4 – August 19, 2015

* [fix] Change class for 'btn-success' to 'btn-primary' 
* [fix] Team Member placeholder image URL 
* [fix] Sidebar position on Post Author page
* [fix] Widgets construction (compatibility with WordPress 4.3) 
* [fix] Translation files update
* [fix] Active button color in Portfolio filter

Version 1.5.3 – August 17, 2015

* [update] Bootstrap 3.3.5
* [update] Icons page update (FontAwesome 4.4.0 icons)
* [update] Translation files update
* [fix] Change class for buttons in Main Search Box (slider)
* [fix] Post Format 'Link' and 'Quote' class

Version 1.5.2 – August 14, 2015

* [new] Add option to change placeholder image for employer/candidates 
* [new] Typography option for Header Top Bar text/links 
* [new] Add option to remove post date from Blog Posts 
* [update] TGMPA updated to 2.5.2 
* [update] FontAwesome 4.4.0 
* [update] Reviewer 3.6.1 + URL-to-Login field 
* [tweak] Display slides by order (not date as before) 
* [tweak] Option to filter `[resumes_feed]` shortcode by featured, non-featured, both 
* [tweak] Replace current breadcrumb with 'Breadcrumb Trail' plugin
* [tweak] Title tags support via add_theme_support( 'title-tag' ) 
* [tweak] Files Update of WPJM plugins to latest versions compatibility 
* [tweak] Add images to Recent/Featured Resumes widgets 
* [tweak] Add images to Recent/Featured Jobs widgets 
* [tweak] More flexible height of Header Top Bar
* [tweak] Add 'selected_region' parameter for `[jobs]`
* [tweak] Option to choose button style in `[posts]` shortcode 
* [tweak] FontAwesome 4 Menus plugin removed from 'Required plugins' list 
* [tweak] Update FontAwesome icon names (regarding to 4.4.0 update) 
* [tweak] Primary/Secondary colors for Buttons 
* [tweak] Ability to update bundled plugins via Admin Dashboard tweak
* [tweak] Ability to choose colors for Icoboxes (primary or secondary color) 
* [fix] Custom Sidebar is hidden if [post] or `[portfolio]` shortcodes used on the page
* [fix] Update Sample Data XML file 
* [fix] Remove Resume Contact button on Resume Preview Page 
* [fix] Remove buttons in Header Top Bar if menus are empty 
* [fix] Primary/Secondary colors for Testimonials 
* [fix] WC Paid Listings Pricing Tables visual styling 
* [fix] Gallery Images Field for Job/Resume multiple upload issue 
* [fix] Link color of 'btn-link' 
* [fix] Long name displaying issue in reviews 
* [fix] Date of portfolio post displaying incorrectly for `[portfolio]`
* [fix] Add icons ('marker' and 'calendar') for resume list 
* [doc] Update Reviewer plugin Documentation

Version 1.5.1 – July 18, 2015

[new] Logo Typography option added (Theme Options > Typography > Logo Text)
[tweak] Remove activation notice from Reviewer plugin
[tweak] Add changelog to Theme Options (via separate panel)
[tweak] Alphabetical order in Resume Search Form in Slider
[tweak] Divide Slider Search Form and Slider in Theme Options
[fix] Phone icon in [jobs] shortcode removed
[fix] Widgets are not displayed if widgets area was translated
[fix] Remove line for border title
[fix] DF Shortcodes Featured resumes don't display in [jobs] shortcode
[fix] DF Shortcodes Featured jobs listing don't display in [jobs] shortcode

Version 1.5.0 – June 4, 2015

[new] Review/Rating functionality
[tweak] Team Social Links open in a new tab
[tweak] Increase width of footer text
[tweak] Google Mobile-Friendly Test Optimization
[fix] Accessibility of Team Social Links on mobile devices
[fix] DF Shortcodes hidden linkedin link for [member]

Version 1.4.10 – April 30, 2015

[fix] Login via /wp-admin/ directory
[tweak] separate option for Comments Login redirect (Theme Options > Blog > Comments Login Page)
[tweak] New Favicons Size Option

Version 1.4.9 – April 28, 2015

[fix] TGM plugin activation updated 2.4.2
[fix] Login/register pages redirects

Version 1.4.8 – April 27, 2015

[fix] TGM plugin activation 2.4.1
[fix] Loading spinner for Jobs/Resumes list

Version 1.4.7 – April 25, 2015

[new] Single Resume Sidebar Position option
[new] Single Job Sidebar Position option
[new] Option to hide/show magnifying glass, link or both
[tweak] Bookmarks add-on login redirects via Theme Options
[tweak] Application add-on login redirects via Theme Options
[tweak] Blog comments section login redirects
[tweak] Resume comments section login redirects
[tweak] Page template for Resume Categories
[tweak] Enable Full Template support for Resumes
[tweak] TGM Plugin Activation class updated to 2.4.1
[tweak] Redux Framework bundled version updated to 3.5.4
[tweak] Page Template for Resume Skills
[tweak] Bootstrap 3.3.5 update
[tweak] DF Shortcodes plugin update
[tweak] Arrow on Select input is not clickable

Version 1.4.6 – April 18, 2015

[tweak] Resume Manager 1.11.x compatibility
[tweak] add styling for Resume notification on dashboard (for non-loggedin users)
[tweak] WC Paid Listings 2.5.0 small tweaks 
[tweak] Applications (v2.0.1) small tweaks
[tweak] language file updated
[fix] Link color issue in Recent Resumes widget

Version 1.4.5 – April 16, 2015

[new] 'Resumes Sidebar' added for single resume/sitter pages
[tweak] Widget 'Featured Jobs' better styling
[tweak] Widget 'Featured Resumes' better styling
[tweak] Widget 'Recent Resumes' better styling
[fix] Paid Listings Flow issue for Job posting
[fix] Paid Listings Flow issue for Resume posting
[fix] Theme installation bug

Version 1.4.4 – April 15, 2015

[fix] Colors Options

Version 1.4.3 – April 15, 2015

[tweak] Wrap functions in if_function_exists for customizing functionality via child theme
[tweak] Open social links in a new tab
[tweak] Select styling for Predefined Region plugin
[tweak] Remove global wrapping with 'select-style' div and make manually (chosen selects fix)
[tweak] Check translations in WPLANG  
[tweak] Enabling Full Template Support
[tweak] Remove border-radius from images wrapped with [img_raw] shortcode
[tweak] Add cta style to box shortcode
[tweak] Key icon added to 'Post a Profile' sign in button
[tweak] Add description about image size (346x346) for Cover Image
[tweak] Add styling for Jobs "sign in" button on dashboard (for non-loggedin users)
[tweak] Make close button more visible for Resume Manager ("post a profile" page)
[tweak] 'orderby' parameter for [jobs_feed] shortcode
[tweak] 'orderby' parameter for [resumes_feed] shortcode
[tweak] 2 maps displayed if Geo Job Manager installed
[tweak] Add ability to change login regirects via Theme Options
[tweak] Partners shortcode layout for 6cols items (for mobile)
[tweak] Testimonial shortcode bottom margin added (for mobile)
[tweak] Add bottom margin for counter
[fix] Posts shortcode layout for 3cols (for mobile)
[fix] Codestyling Localization plugin compatibility
[fix] Thumbnail image size for sitter (candidate) profiles
[fix] PHP notice in [portfolio] and [posts] shortcodes if WPML used
[fix] If 'website' field is empty don't show it (post a job fix)
[fix] Map not displayed for Job listings when using Predefined Region add-on
[fix] Theme Options hints now visible
[fix] Generating username on 'Post a Profile' form
[fix] Generating username on 'Post a Job' form
[fix] Issue when use Boxed layout
[fix] Footer Text Color option (also changed to Copyright Text Color)
[fix] Check Contact Listing compatibility
[docs] Translation instructions added, hints added 

Version 1.4.2 – January 29, 2015

[new] Account Menu based on WP Menu
[new] Login/Register/Restore Password etc. pages
[tweak] Show and improve Header Top Menu for mobile devices
[tweak] Add support for Woocommerce subscription plugin
[tweak] Company Profiles plugin. Added description, twitter, website
[tweak] Translation File updated
[tweak] Sample Data updated
[fix] Issue with sidebar changing on Woocommerce pages
[fix] Disable 'Development mode' for Redux theme options
[docs] How to set up Account Menu

Version 1.4.1 – January 7, 2014

Sample Data updated

Version 1.4.0 – January 7, 2015

[new] Pages Home 2, Home 3, Home 4, Home 5
[new] Search Forms in Slider via Drag&Drop builder in Theme Options panel
[new] Add 'Medium Image' Blog Layout
[new] Add Parallax for Slider Background
[new] Add Parallax for Page Heading Background
[new] Github Updater for DF Shortcodes plugin (easy to update for next versions)
[new] Coming Soon Functionality
[new] Multiple Images (via Slider) for Portfolio items
[new] Multiple Images (gallery functionality) for Jobs and Sitters
[tweak] Display jobs/sitters search forms on mobile devices
[tweak] Select Item Appearance in Firefox
[tweak] Full Width button for search forms in slider content box
[tweak] Enable pop-up gallery for portfolio
[tweak] Resumes Filter fields if Categories are disabled
[tweak] Change some labels in Jobs/Sitters filter
[tweak] Better styling for checkboxes in filter
[fix] Compatibility fix Company Profiles add-on
[fix] Links visited color
[fix] Categories field in Slider’s Jobs Search Form issue
[fix] Eeplace Sidebar Generator plugin with Easy Custom Sidebars
[fix] Default image if job image isn't set ([summaries])
[fix] Categories field in Slider’s Resume Search Form issue

-- Shortcodes --
[new] Recent Posts [posts]
[new] Portfolio Items [portfolio]
[new] Counter with Icon [counter]
[new] Circular Bar [circular_bar]
[new] Resumes (pet sitters) Slider [resumes_slider]
[new] Jobs Slider [jobs_slider]
[new] Resumes Feed [resumes_feed]
[new] Jobs Feed [jobs_feed]
[tweak] for [cta] fullwidth + parallax
[tweak] for [section] background + parallax
[tweak] for [icobox] make icon clickable if icobox has url 
[tweak] for [jobs] added parameters: featured, keywords, location, job_types, show_pagination 
[tweak] for [resumes] added parameters: featured, show_pagination 

[doc] How to use Coming Soon Page
[doc] Multiple images for Portfolio items

Version 1.3.1 – December 3, 2014

Fixed: Colors Options

Version 1.3 – December 3, 2014

Added: Header Top Bar Show/Hide option
Added: 5 Footer Widgets Area Layouts added (7 layouts total) 
Added: Ability to change text of 'All' button in Theme Options (Portfolio Filter)
Added: Portfolio Pages with child categories
Added: Ability to change text of 'Read More' in Theme Options (Blog)
Added: Compatibility with add-ons Applications, Application Deadline, Bookmarks, Job Tags, Company Profiles, Job Colors, Predefined Regions
Updated: Documentation
Fixed: Custom CSS overrides issue
Fixed: WooCommerce Sidebar styling issue
Fixed: Minor Issues

Version 1.2 – November 10, 2014

Added: WooCommerce support
Added: WC Paid Listings support
Added: Job Alerts support
Added: Search Forms in the Slider
Added: icons for links in job/resumes filters
Added: .pot file
Added: ability to set 'Read More' text from the admin
Updated: Documentation
Fixed: minor issues

Version 1.1 – October 25, 2014

Fixed: Primary and Secondary colors option
Fixed: Single Image size for Resumes and Jobs 
Fixed: Carousel arrows, bullets colors
Added: Boxed & Full Width layouts
Added: Option to set Top/Bottom margin for Boxed Layout
Added: Option to set border radius for Boxed Layout
Added: Option to set Content Background
Added: 8 Color Presets
Added: Envato Toolkit plugin via TGM (for easy future updates)

Version 1.0 – October 21, 2014

Initial release


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